Storage Ideas

If your closets are full to the brim, and you have run out of space under your bed where you have stuffed some items, you don’t need to worry. You don’t have to spend a fortune so as to acquire more storage space. All you need are some organization tips and storage ideas that can help you out. With these simple ideas, you can be able to reduce clutter by using the space you have profitably. Besides, you will be able to store your stuff in a creative and unique way. The following storage ideas will help you increase your home storage considerably:

Living Room

You can conceal clutter by combining storage with your decorating style. Put odd items into containers that match with your style. For instance, you can match wicker baskets with cottage-theme spaces, carved wood boxes for traditional rooms or colorful metal bins for modern living rooms.

For maximum storage, you may splurge on a bank of built-ins. To create a varied look, mix and match fronts will do the trick. To make built-ins not feel big in a living room, you may consider glass-front doors, basic paneled doors, open shelves and drawers.


Although a bedroom is supposed to be a haven where you relax from the chaos of life, you can’t feel at peace when it has heaps of dirty clothes, or you are rummaging through an overstuffed closet. There are some items which you can stick under the bed.

A king-kmn3etdc6y27dy2size bed occupies 42 square feet of space. You can make use of that space by storing some of the clothes you are not wearing in under-bed containers. But before that, you need to consider what you plan to keep there. For instance, to determine where to install rods, do an estimation of the space dresses and suits occupy versus shirts and jackets.

Longer items will require full-length vertical space beneath the rod. But in case most of your clothes stretch less than 3 feet, you can double the amount of clothes you can hang there by hanging two sets of rods: one high and the other approximately 40 inches above the floor.

Kitchen Storage

Keep frequently used ingredients such as sugar and flour in matching clear glass containers. Ensure that you place the containers on open shelves close to the cooking areas so that you can access them easily. Enclose small baking supplies including cupcake holders, cookie cutters, and sprinkles in baskets or adjacent drawers.

Pull-Out Pantry

Maximize the space between studs by using a pull-out storage unit. This pantry is just over 6 inches wide and is ideal for storage of canned items, dry goods, and anything else you need to have within easy reach.


Cut out a place for cookbooks and arrange the books by category on each shelf. This can be in a sliver of space adjacent to a refrigerator.

Outdoor Storage

Protect your tools, gardening equipment, and outdoor accessories from the weather to avoid their destruction. You should plan to purchase outdoor bins, storage sheds, deck boxes, etc. that you can use in all seasons.

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