Tips To Effective Pool Maintenance

Having a pool helps to enhance the elegance and value of your home. It is one thing to have the pool set up in your backyard, and it is another to maintain it. Unless the pool is well-maintained, you might end up regretting having it in your property. With that, here are some quick tips to effective pool maintenance.


Keep the filter cleankmnb35edt6y27du82

Pool filters come in three categories; diatomaceous earth, cartridge, and sand. Even though they demand different approaches to maintenance, these pool filters need to be cleaned regularly. However, do not clean it more often than what is recommended. Over-cleaning it can affect the process of filtration, so be careful with that.

Inspect and fix any leaks

Even though it could be tricky to determine if your pool is leaking, it is advised to repair them as soon as possible. You could do this manually by placing a bucket of water in the pool and mark the water level after about an hour. If there is a proof of any leak, you will need to find ways to fix it immediately. Alternatively, you could hire a professional to inspect the pool and fix any possible leak. A leaking pool could cost you high water bills in the long run.

Winterize your pool

The winterization of the pool will depend on the environment of your home. Suppose the temperatures drop to a freezing point, then you will need to take the necessary procedures to keep it healthy. The residual water can freeze and damage the pipes if they are left in them. An air compressor can help to blow the water from the pipes, the heater, and the filter. The point here is to prevent the water from freezing in these items. You can also find a recommended nontoxic antifreeze, but not the one used for cars, to prevent the residual water from freezing in the pipes, filter, and winter.

Clean the surrounding and the pool

You should clean the pool and its surrounding regularly. Debris and other small ihnk23we6dt62ye7u282tems can get into the pool, which might block the drainage and the pipes. You might sweep or hose the debris off to avoid future blockages. If there are leaves and other floating stuff in the pool, you should ensure that they are frequently eliminated. If you have the pool surrounded by trees and other bushes, you can construct a glass shelter to save you the time and effort of always cleaning it.

With these tips, you will be sure of having a clean pool that will end up saving you money in the long run. You can replace the toxic chemicals with baking soda, which is also a cheaper option for your pool.